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Phifegawd is an all in one toolkit for Independent artists, models, businesses.

Here you will find everything a Record label uses to grow their artists internet presence.

All possible Internet marketing strategies put together in one website on a three button software at your disposal ran by Internet marketing experts for every single social media & streaming platform.

•All you have to do is
-Pick the of service you want
-Copy/paste the link of the page,song etc in the required service
-Hit submit

•All services are extremely cheap at cost price rates, example $0.40 to boost a SoundCloud song by 1K streams.

•There's a variety of Organic services such as Facebook ads, Instagram targeted automation, Google ads, SEO optimization, Spotify playlist pitching etc

Inorganic services [INSTANT boosting of followers, views, likes, custom comments, streams etc on all social media platforms] available to use.

You may judge us for openly offering inorganic services but keep in mind that record labels do this for all their artists too to keep their internet presence looking fancy so more people are attracted to it.

Example of this psychology is
You come across an artist on instagram, you went on his page and saw that he/she has 100 followers, you move on cause they arent already trending or well known.

On the other hand, you come across an artist with good content and 100K followers, you click follow too cause you liked their content and saw that they're already trending so you hopped on the boat. Its just how it works.

Mixing a pinch of inorganic services with organic ads and playlist pitching will jumpstart your career to unimaginable extents.

Thats not the end of what we offer!

All these services are at cost price rates
which means you can start your own Internet Marketing Instagram page and resell these services and bank huge monthly incomes.

An average user on Phifegawd who works on reselling the services everyday makes anywhere from $3K to $10K a month through a single instagram page and DMing the right type of people interested in getting followers, streams etc
Examples of instagram reselling pages are @promo_sun @blowupgang_x @phifegawd9

Example deal: An artist dropped a song and wants to boost his song by 10K SoundCloud streams, you can purchase 10K SoundCloud streams for $4 on this personal access website, and charge the client $50 to boost his song by 10K.
To the client $50 is a good deal cause all other resellers would charge atleast $100 to boost by 10K [check on google for competitors prices]

Your profit on this deal for barely clicking three buttons - $46
Crack 4-5 succesful deals with different people through DMs and following mass accounts, you've easily made $300-$500 off your phone in a day!
Good luck, here at Phifegawd we all are one and growing together, any queries DM us on instagram @Phifegawd9

Welcome to Phifegawd's Toolkit for Independent artists. You're here because you probably wanna blow up your numbers and get the right audience. You will be able to use all our private marketing services on this three button easy to use software. Our guarantee is you will see growth on the FIRST day you get access to our website. These are the same tools labels use to keep their internet game smooth, you cannot be an artist and neglect the marketing part of it, available at your disposal only through us. All you'll ever need throughout your artist career. DM us on Instagram @Phifegawd9 to get access now! Affiliated with @Phifegawd9 @Promo_sun @blowupgang_x